At the beginning, there is courage...


The courage to dream and to believe in your dreams. To realize the wildest visions, satisfy the deepest desires, and experience the greatest happiness. Everything is possible. BELOWZERO also began with a dream. The dream of small beginnings in Switzerland, and going on to conquer the world, with a brand that is at home both in the mountains in winter, and on the water in summer.


"This jacket is made to be worn at temperatures below zero". It all started with this idea. The BELOWZERO brand was born, and quickly became known as Switzerland's first crossover brand for snowboarders and skiers alike. A brand which combines style with functionality and makes you look great in all conditions.


Our courage to break new ground was rewarded, the dream has become reality. A new era for a new generation has arrived. BELOWZERO is the brand created for people like us; active, passionate, authentic, freedom-loving, independent, self-confident, courageous.


Every day is a new adventure to be discovered. We are ready!


BELOWZERO - swiss roots, global lifestyle since 1991.